Quality plan May 2018 first draft


The Evaluation and Quality Management Plan ensure proper governance and project quality. It defines a project’s quality policies, procedures, criteria for and areas of application, roles and responsibilities. Quality control plan will include the content of the project, development & implementation methodologies, keeping to the time plan, dissemination and efficiency of the whole process.


The GRADUA project management takes into account all the partners’ interests and expertise, including transparent activities, in order to ensure an effective project’s time-plan flexibility, quality of work and to fit the specific requirements of the Erasmus+ program for successful realization of planned project activities. The Project management process was set up, shared among the consortium and formalized in partnership agreement to create an environment that fosters interactions, cooperation and knowledge flows among the team members with a minimum amount of conflict.

The fundamental objective of the project management is to ensure that project is managed in an efficient and effective manner, and meets all the obligations in terms of budget, reporting, milenstones and deliverables. The main objectives of the project management that have been defined are to:
➢ ensure the effective administrative, financial and technical management of the project,
➢ identify quantifiable and targeted measurement criteria of project progress and clear milestones,
➢ ensure that the project results are achieved within the proposed resources (time, cost, resources),
➢ to apply quality assurance measures to all project related procedures and products,
➢ to provide successful dissemination of project’s results and apply efficient exploitation activities
and finally
➢ strengthen the co-operation of all project partners and external participants.


Quality plan May 2018 first draft