Students benefits:

Free of charge use of placement services.

Easy access to information on job/internship

Career guidance and employability

Certification of academic career

Opportunity to enhance their university by assessing their academic experience.


Firms  benefits:

Access to a database gathered from 9 universities

Availability of updated CV  by graduates

CV search facilities for human resource selection

Possibility to check and compare profiles of graduates to hire

Time gain for recruitment since academic career of graduates is certified by belonging universities

Opportunity to disseminate internships/job offers

Enhancement of trainee-ship prograes in accordance with international standards


Universities benefits:

Access to reliable, timely and regularly updated statistical data useful for assessing their internal efficiency and improving educational programmes.

Easy and safe promotion of mobility for high-qualified human resources.

Improvement of career offices capacities.

Improve researchers and experts capacity in analyse local HE and labour market through advanced methodology


The Ministry

Will contribute to the institutionalization of the GRADUA system once the phase financed by the EACEA ended.

Access to documentary evidence on universities performances for all decisional processes and activity planning.

MHES will host a platform able to become a National tool for HE monitoring thanks to its easy replicability and inclusion of new Albanian Universities.

Registered Unemployment rate

According to the official statistics, Albania seems to be performing better to our neighboring EU countries. However, it has to be noted, that since largest employment is reported in the Agriculture sector, there is a common understanding that there is a high rate of hidden unemployment especially in this sector – thereby real unemployment is much higher

Unemployment rate (source INSTAT)0%

Employment in Public Sector (source INSTAT)0%

Employment in NON Agriculture (source INSTAT)0%

Employment in Agriculture (source INSTAT)0%

Gradua Events

Gradua Project Target Outputs


courses will generate CV –s in four degree level, Barchelor, Master, Phd and professional diploma


percent of graduate students ( academic year 2019 + 2020) in these courses are registered in the platform in different of 35% planned


universities staff at least will be trained on management project, platform use, data analyses and carrier office


firms are registered on the platform in different of 10 firms planned

Graduates Advancement and Development of University capacities in Albania GRADUA

 facilitation of the placement of graduates in the labour market  (ensuring a better match between education and employment);

 development of monitoring tools for university enterprise-cooperation and enlarge such cooperation;

 improvement of internal and external efficiency of the higher education system.

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