The first day of the meeting held in Agricultural University of Tirana, was opened by the Rector the university, Prof. Dr. Bari Musabelliu. He welcomed all the participants and emphasized the importance of Gradua project which enables a strong collaboration between the main academic institutions in our country and  foreign countries. The strength of the relation can bring other projects in the future.

GRADUA project has an important role for university system and for the politic-makers regarding to a better orientation of education system besed on Labour Market needs. He also mentioned that this project will provide for AUT and also for other universities involved, to monitor the progress between “Labour Market and the Graduates” and therefore, to make the necessary adaption so we can fulfill the Labour Market needs.

The following speech was held by the coordinator of the project, Mrs. Aurora Hoxha who presented the project for the students and academic staff not involved in the project. She pointed out the benefits of the project for the students by inviting them to be part of it and also highlighted the advantages for the academic staff from this project. She clarified that the project will create  a database in which academic staff can access to use this datas for their research. Another point of the presenation was about the communication channels and the dissemination workplan so GRADUA project will be accessable easily by everyone.

Minutes of Meeting

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