Information day, Erasmus+ Programme

Information day, Erasmus+ Programme

National Erasmus+ Office Albania

December 17th, 2019

On the December 17th, 2019 a meeting, “National Erasmus + Information Day”, was organized by National Erasmus+ Office, at Europa Hause to promote the Erasmus + Program, by the National Erasmus + Office in specialty with the Executive Agency for Education, Media and Culture in Brussels.

During this meeting the staff from NEO, informed the participants about the opportunities and innovations that the Erasmus + program will offers to higher education institutions and students in framework of 2020 calls.

During this meeting, the participants had the opportunity to disseminate their projects results regarding the following projects but also to create new links for the upcoming opportunities in EU projects.

In this meeting  was invited  the coordinator of GRADUA project, Mrs. Aurora Hoxha. She had the opportunity to disseminate some important results of the project and the importance of the reports that Gradua project will prepare about the Labour Market and  Albanian Higher Education System. She discussed with some presentatives from universities not involved in the project  clarifying the possibility to be part of the platform and registered their students.