Kick-off Meeting

Researchers and representatives of Agricultural University of Tirana started the meeting with a short presentation of the Gradua project. After introductions and goals for the meeting were discussed, the participants jumped into a robust discussion around the many benefits that can be achieved when universities adopt technology. Training’s of IT staff will serve universities as a very good way to develop their capacities and take new challenges. Among the many other thoughts shared, building capacities was the most often mentioned as key to building bridges between government, universities and the business world. Mr. Redi Shtino represented on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Sports supported the idea that government is creating new ways of building capacities and will further prioritize developments of such project in future. “We’re ready to collaborate with new initiatives that support Albania’s integration in European Union, just like this project”. Meanwhile, it was really magnificent to have on board the representative of Alma Laura University Mr. Dorel Manitiu. We appreciate the valuable suggestions that he expressed, which will be taken into account and assist us in improvement of the management strategies and successfully implementation of this project.