Kick off meeting minutes

The “Kick-off” meeting was held in Agricultural University of Tirana, with the physical and virtual participation of all the partners. The purpose of this meeting was the presentation and introduction with the partners and to build-up the management and implementation structure of the project.

First of all, the opening remark was made by the coordinator of the project who thanked  the partners for being present and emphasized the importance of a strong collaboration of all the partners to have a fruitful development of the project.

This speech was followed by the representative of Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth. After he thanked the participants, he underlined the idea that government is creating new ways of building capacities and will further prioritize developments of such project in future. Also he mentioned: “We’re ready to collaborate with new initiatives that support Albania’s integration in European Union, just like this project”

Further on, it was Prof. Dr. Remzi Keco, Vice Rector at Agricultural University of Tirana who started his presentastion. He stated that A.U.T is a leading university in Albania regarding its scope and offers qualifications that are quite similar and relevant to qualifications offered by any other university in Europe. With more than 460 academic staff and 14000 students, Agricultural University of Tirana is considered a successful scientific center of collaboration that is assisting in building new bridges between national and international universities. He mentioned also that this project is very important for us because its the first time we are project leaders and the university staff will be fully engaged to give the best results.

Kick off minutes

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