Grupet Target

Target Groups Benefits

The Gradua project Impact and benefits for  the following target groups:

– Students/graduates

  • Free of charge use of placement services
  • Easy access to information on job/internship opportunities
  • Improvement of their placement opportunities, career guidance and employability
  • Certification of academic career
  • Opportunity to enhance their university by assessing their academic experience


– Firms

  • Easy access to a unique database gathering graduates CV from 9 universities
  • Availability of CV regularly updated by graduates
  • CV search facilities for human resource selection
  • Possibility to check and compare profiles of graduates to hire
  • Time gain for recruitment since academic career of graduates is certified by belonging universities
  • Opportunity to disseminate internships/job offers
  • Enhancement of traineeship programmes in accordance with international standards


– Universities

  • Access to reliable, timely and regularly updated statistical data useful for assessing their internal efficiency and improving educational programmes
  • Easy and safe promotion of mobility for high-qualified human resources
  • Improvement of career offices capacities
  • Improve researchers and experts capacity in analyse local HE and labour market through advanced methodology


– Ministry of Higher Education and Sport


  • Access to documentary evidence on universities performances for all decisional processes and activity planning
  • Host a platform able to become a National tool for HE monitoring thanks to its easy replicability and inclusion of new Albanian Universities.
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