Work package 3

Work package 3


( WP. Leader Alma Laurea)


Knowledge transfer and capacity building is the main content of the present WP, to be done through intensive trainings to the Albanian staff of the universities, to MES and CCIP with  the aforementioned goals: to manage the platform during the project and beyond, know how to transfer platform to new universities beyond project life, know how to exploit platform data for platform base survey release, knowledge on the more advanced methodology for conducting analysis on the Higher Education and Labour Market system.



  • Organize the training material and the training sessions
  • Subcontract the intensive short training to 2 experts on advanced methodology for labour market analysis within 3.5. to 2 experts for a total amount of 30 working hours.
  • Systematize the training material in a unique training archive.
  • Develop methodology on how to run graduates’ profile survey
  • Develop methodology on how to run employment condition survey (beyond project life)
  • Release the graduates profile survey



3.1 Research training on survey methodology

The innovative and updated sources of information available thanks to the implementation of the demand/supply matching model for the assessment of local needs and national higher education policies implies a thorough involvement of teachers/researchers and policy makers.

3.2 Secretariat staff training

Ad hoc training and capacity transfer is foreseen for staff in charge of the student offices/secretariats and career office. They represent the most important interface between the institutions themselves and the students, supporting  and guiding students on each academic and curricular aspect. The administrative staff will  become the most powerful channel of dissemination among graduating students for project purposes and benefits. Many processes, on which the project quality is based, start in these offices and are also internally (integrally or partially) managed. It is very important to enable student offices/secretariats  to transmit correct and appealing information to students.

3.3 IT staff training for platform use

IT Staff of the beneficiaries partners will be trained on several issues as: questionnaire fill out, CV section, student help desk, CV search tools, job offer tools ect.

3.4 IT Sustainability training for platform migration and maintenance

The follow up sustainability training is addressed to the local university staff (mainly IT staff ) so to enable them to manage the platform locally beyond the end of the project. In particular the MES IT staff, taking part to the trainings sessions, have central role as they will host the platform in Albania. The IT MES staff will be interface of AL staff for system migration in Albania.

3.5 Training on labour market analysis

The training course will be articulated in different modules: address the main theoretical and methodological issues for the assessment of the skills mismatch in the young  graduates labour markets through the Alma Laurea dataset. The trainees will learn the main economic rationale and statistical tools for assessing the existence and the extent of skills mismatch in the labour markets through the information and data collected through the Graduate profile survey and the Graduate Employment Condition Survey.