Work package 4

Work package 4


( WP. Leader University of Tirana)


Activities envisaged in the present WP are aimed at develop professional traineeships and to enable university staff and career office staff to enter the segments of the marketing sector “professions” and to be the promoters of new professions and new expertise related to the business sector and the training programs so to have a very important impact on the enhancement of entrepreneurship and technical capacities and skills. Through capacity building activities based on, the share of best practices of EU and Albanian Partners on the topic, the University Staff and CCIT will be able to work on labor market needs, create fruitfully the links with enterprises, and will give an assessment on the experience.



  • Definition of the seminar topics
  • Collection of best practices at EU and Albanian level on HE labour market Cooperation and development of professional traineeship
  • Preparation and dissemination of the compendium of best practice
  • Developing traineeship assessing questionnaire for the student and companies
  • Preparation and delivery of the recommendation report on traineeship program
  • Organizing focus group with students and hosting enteprices
  • Systematize the results of the assessment in a report
  • Deliver questionnaire to career offices for future assessment




  • Seminar on professional traineeship

The seminar, mainly addressed to career office, experts and professional of the Albanian Universities is intended to touch relevant issues related to training programs in a competitive world. The EU partners will be the main knowledge and experience transfers. Albanian Universities will present the state of art on training programs and their experience, MES the general framework, CCIT will involve companies from their network to share their experience as receiver of students for training.

  • Assess students and companies experience in training programs

Following the delivery of the seminar, a focus group will be organized with a group of students (at least 80) and companies (at least 10) taking part to traineeships programmes. In order to allow the best management of the focus group, the students will be organized in two separates focus groups (40 student per each focus group involved). The focus group will be an opportunity to assess the experience from both sides thus collecting useful insights for enhancing the training programs.