Work Package 5

Work Package 5


( WP. Leader University of Bologna, UNIBO)


The WP will focus on the statistical data production side of the system.

1) Set up of the first Albanian Graduate Profile survey. The report will be prepared starting by the graduate dataset of a defined period and statistical analysis will be carried out following the experiences of AL and other EU partners in the field of Internal Quality Assessment processes. Quality assurance recommendations will be formulated by each Albanian university and included in the survey report so to intervene on the state of the art issued from the survey results.

2) After an efficient population of the database it will be also possible to design the methodology for the run of the Survey on the graduates job conditions beyond project life. The methodology will be designed and the condition for the run of the survey beyond project life discussed (interview planning, field phase, data collection, data treatment editing).

The quality of the Graduates profile survey depends on the data collection phase and so on the level of involvement of stakeholders. The more graduates will be motivated to keep up-to-date their data (spurring employment opportunities) the more the quality of the survey will be high. The raise of interest for the database by recruiters is an asset also for data production efficiency aimed to produce information for HE policy making but also to social research. Raising the interest of the user is of course a long lasting process. For such reasons this WP will be an opportunity to establish a common methodology useful in the future for even more relevant ad meaningful researches.



Each Albanian university will carry out its graduates profile survey, while AL will transfer its tools and methodology developed in the 20 years experience in Italy. EU partners will be involved in questionnaire preparation and analysis of results and in providing their expertise and best practice in quality assurance issues related to the survey.



5.1 Online Questionnaire Definition

The questionnaire, to be uploaded online on the platform so to be completed by the graduand just before they leave university (at final degree examination) will be defined. Ad hoc communication tools (meeting with local team of researchers, skype call) will be organized at the scope. The questionnaire, in line with local and national needs, will be developed to allow comparability with AL standards.

5.2 Data cleaning and analysis

Extensive DB exploitation and extensive analysis will be carried out on comparative basis (breakdowns for each University, faculties, degree courses) so to clean the database and make the subsequent statistical analysis possible.

5.3 Survey preparation

The Report will fully exploit the full set of information and indicators developed like: age at graduation, marks, study attendance, parents’ education, social background, school diploma and marks, study abroad, use of laboratories, apprenticeships or internships, evaluation of university experience, languages and IT skills, work experience during studies, intentions for further study, preferred sector of employment and characteristics of the type of job being sought, etc. Following the database population, the 1st Albanian Graduates Profile Survey will be released; this first  “pilot” survey will allow the set up and the tuning of all the procedures to exploit the set of information – also at HE Quality Assurance Agency level, including the QA recommendations to act on the situation described by the survey’s results, and the capacity transfer to the statisticians/researchers in charge of developing the report, thus easing the making of the subsequent surveys.