Work Package 8, 30.08.2018 — 30.06.2020

Work Package 8, 30.08.2018 — 30.06.2020


( WP. Leader Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth)


 Project sustainability implies different sets of actions:

-the transfer of the platform in Albania at MES (MES will be the central hub of the platform, collecting data from the partner universities in a unique more powerful database).

-the development of a Long Term Sustainability Analysis based on the previous agreement among Albanian Partners to centralize the platform at MES as a document including technical notions for managing the platform and including future universities as well as a business plan on the needed resources for system maintainance in Albania.

-the production of documentation at benefit of GRADUA project new users:

System user guides and video tutorials to be uploaded on the web platform for the relevant target groups (university staff, firms and graduates), as a core tool for making information available to stakeholders and those who have not been directly involved in training activities, granting cascade-training.



  • Technical transfer of the platform from AL premise to MES
  • Elaboration of web platform user guides and video tutorials and mise online
  • Collection of inputs from Albania stakeholders’ managing boards on future financing of the platform and needs assessment
  • Development of the sustainability plan
  • Signature of the sustainability plan and of the agreement on AL software use



8.1 Platform tutorial for stakehiolders  

Specific manuals on the use of web platform services will be set out, targeted at and delivered to main stakeholders (graduates seeking for jobs/stage and internships; entrepreneurs looking for qualified human resources to hire; staff in charge of the web platform management). The guides will also be available online (web platform functionalities).

8.2 Long –term sustainability analysis

The long term sustainability analysis will detail the pre-requisites, the condition and the sources of financing for platform sustainability beyond project life, including the roles of each partner for ensuring platform long-term operating beyond project life. Among the main contents of the sustainability analysis:

-Centralization and Migration of the system in Albania (technical notions; needed configuration and required material; competences of the IT systems team; state of the system; configuration of the system.

-Simulation of implementation of the GRADUA Consortium: Needed resources and investment plan; Human Resources; Eventual Sources of future financing; Management assessment of the GRADUA Consortium.

-Technical notes for inclusion of new entrant universities in GRADUA platform.

-Use of AL software terms and condition

8.3 System centralization in Albania

Following the training to Albanian Universities and MES IT staff (D.3.4.) the system is ready to be transferred in Albania at MES premise. System centralization implies a balanced centralized system where MES host the shared production environment and each Partner University has its own development environment and research environment. The centralization implies a set of technical operations as the definition of a set of parameters:

-the definition of hostname (MES) production and test environment

– the definition of IP Web Server Test and Environment

– IP and hostname of the machine with the DBMS Server

– Firewall Ports to open

– SysAdmin Account for SQL Server

– Windows user account for test and production web server

– Windows user account for DBMS server